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By purchasing an on-line package from Happi Habitat the client agrees to accept the following terms and conditions:


1.     Happi Habitat will provide an online Interior Design service for a specific fee per room in line with the process as set out by the package chosen. 


2.     On-line designs do not come with any revisions.  Any revisions after will incur an additional cost. 


3.     Upon purchasing your chosen design package, you’ll be prompted to complete the online design questionnaire. This is your opportunity to provide a brief for Happi Habitat to work from which should include (but not limited to) the size of the space, colours you like and the general style you are hoping to achieve. Completion of this questionnaire is confirmation that you have provided sufficient and accurate information in order for Happi Habitat to work from. 


4.     Based on the information provided in the questionnaire, Happi Habitat will then curate a design pack including a floor plan, mood board, shopping list and if applicable 2D/3D renders to help guide your transformation. While we always strive to produce plans that are a close representation of the furniture etc suggested in the shopping list but it is not always possible. Thus, the plan is purely for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be an exact representation of specific finishes.


5.     Happi Habitat work on the assumption that the client has provided accurate measurements of the space in order to source appropriate items. Happi Habitat will not accept liability or any responsibility for incorrect measurements. In the case where you have paid for additional measurements to be taken by us, we advise that all measurements are checked by your builder before purchasing any materials or implementation as we cannot foresee any building/plumbing/construction changes that may affect the design.


6.     Happi Habitat work on the assumption that the client checks dimensions of space against any furniture recommended by the Designer prior to purchasing. Happi Habitat will not accept any liability or responsibility for items not fitting or being unsuitable according to the client. 


7.     Happi Habitat does not accept any liability or responsibility for any furniture pieces arriving damaged or unsuitable according to the client. 


8.     A large space or a space consisting of multiple functions e.g., Living/dining will likely be charged as two rooms or a room and a half. Please email with pictures to confirm before purchasing for a room.


9.     Should you purchase an Interior Design package that includes personal shopping, Happi Habitat has the right to keep all or a percentage of any trade discounts. 


10.  All E-Design packages come with follow up support for a duration of time as set out in the chosen package. Contact us via email or WhatsApp. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.


On-Site Design: 


1.     A tailored service agreement will be sent to you to read and sign upon confirmation of services required.

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